Hi there, friends! My name is Ashley. I invite you to take a moment and read the story behind Birdseed. It's a real deal, no frills, good story.


Four years ago, I lived a healthy and active lifestyle; I was a Zumba instructor and also hiked 76 miles on the PCT. But my body wasn’t able to keep up with me. I was sick.

I went to the doctor and found out that I had half the amount of blood in my body that a normal person should. For two years, I underwent tests and blood transfusions, while my doctor was trying to figure out the source of my poor health. And then the phone call came: I was FINALLY diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

After eliminating gluten from my diet, all of my blood levels were back up to normal in a short three months. I repeat, NORMAL!

WOW! This opened my eyes to how critically important it is to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies and how it affects us. How many other people are in bondage to illness when all they need to do is adjust their diet?! Food is EVERYTHING!


I have always been passionate about health and wellness but this brought my passion and awareness to a whole new level.

Granola has been a staple in my diet my entire life. With new awareness, I noticed that most granola on the market was chalked full of sugar even if it was gluten-free and organic. Yes, maybe coconut sugar, but it's still sugar.

This is when I took the bull by the horns and started making my own. More nuts, seeds, and nutrients; fewer oats, fillers, and sugars.

In this process I discovered kasha. Kasha is an ancient grain/seed similar to quinoa. It has a tasty crunch, nutty flavor, and is high in plant-based protein and fiber. It became a key component of my gluten-free granola.


I would take my homemade granola to work in the mornings and one of my coworkers asked, "Ashley, are you eating birdseed?" Of course, my response was, "Heck yes! I am!" When it came time to name my delicious granola, I decided to keep the name - Birdseed.


My mission is to encourage others to live in their ultimate state of health and contribute to their process and sustenance.

To be our fullest potential, our truest selves, we MUST HAVE HEALTH AND VITALITY.

Change what you eat, change who you are. Be your ultimate self!