Hi! I'm Ashley, founder of Bird Seed Food Co. I invite you to take a moment to read the story of this granola company. 

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease five years ago, my passion for health and wellness was taken to a whole new level.

With new awareness, I noticed that most granola on the market was chalked full of sugar even if it was gluten-free and organic. Yes, maybe coconut sugar, but it's still sugar.

This is when I took the bull by the horns and started making my own. More nuts, seeds, and nutrients; fewer oats, fillers, and sugars.

I would take my homemade granola to work in the mornings and one of my coworkers asked, "Ashley, are you eating bird seed?" Of course, my response was, "Heck yes! I am!" When it came time to name my delicious granola, I decided to keep the name - Bird Seed.

I was a manager of a coffee shop in Bend, OR called Megaphone Coffee and started serving my granola as a healthy, gluten-free option for customers. Within a few weeks of serving it, an executive chef at a local restaurant, Jacksons Corner, asked if the granola could be on the breakfast menu at his restaurant. I was thrilled and then decided that maybe this would be a product worth sharing. 

I bought an LLC on March 3rd, 2017 and dedicated myself to giving this granola company my all. It is now sold in 38 locations in Oregon, CA and NYC as well as online and I plan to continue to grow.

My ultimate mission is to encourage others to live in their ultimate state of health and pursue their dreams in courage, playfulness, and consistency. I believe in you. Xoxo, Ashley