"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."

Thomas Carlyle
Ashley Chase, Owner/Founder

I believe and have first-hand experience with how what we eat directly affects our state of mind, health and all around being. 

Before being diagnosed with celiac disease, I was severely sick with half the amount of blood in my body; Unable to raise my heart rate due to the risk of heart attack, had the foggiest state of mind, unable to remember events, words or where I put things. 

After being diagnosed and eliminating gluten from my diet, in a short three months, all of my blood levels went up to normal and I became a whole new human. Able to run long distances and able to retain information and have sharp responses. 

I know that Celiacs disease isn't everyone's story, but being aware of various foods and how they affect you will change everything for anyone.

Birdseed Food Co. is a health foods company, dedicated to using gluten free, organic, quality ingredients that will uplift and advance your state of mind, health and all around being.