Saying Goodbye to Oats

Saying Goodbye to Oats
"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that."
Because what the world needs is people who have come ALIVE."

 -Howard Thurman


In the Begining... 

My very first granola flavors: Birdseed Granola and Oat-free! Birdseed Granola.

I have always been excited about the Oat-free! (hence the "!") because there's nothing out there like it and it's just so dang yummy and crunchy!

The primary ingredient of this Oat-fee! granola is kasha - 

Kasha is a diamond-shaped seed that is mega-packed with prebiotic FIBER and plant-based PROTEIN.

In its raw form, kasha is referred to as “buckwheat”. Despite what the name suggests, the seeds are 100% wheat-free.

People like what is familiar, and because of that, my Kasha Crunch granola was never a top seller.


I kept it a part of the product line because I just couldn't give up on it- It was special to me and because of that, I was always making improvements to it.

I found a sprouted buckwheat supplier that not only made the product crunchier but also made the health benefits EVEN BETTER.

Birdseed Food Co. - Kasha Granola - Buckwheat Granola  

I had originally planned to launch a fourth flavor of granola and have it be the Kasha Lavender Cacao flavor but while working on creating the recipe with my good friend Jacinda, founder of The Water Kefir People, she suggested-


"Why not just switch them all to Kasha Granola's?"


I mean, they definitely were what I was most excited about and if people who were drawn to my products because of my cute packaging didn't have a choice between familiar oat-based granola, and the non-familiar Kasha Granola... Maybe they would give it a try.


I had a big decision to make...


One day while looking back at all of my post and stumbled upon the quote at the top of this page was like... "shoot, I gotta do it."

Do what excites you and live courageously.

I had no choice but  to live what I preach. And thus, I present to you... The new BIRDSEED FOOD CO. Seed-Based KASHA granola's.

seed-Based, Kasha Granola - Birdseed Food Co. - Buckwheat Granola

 Bold move - I know. I hope you give it a try and fall in love like I did. :)






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